Kids Fishing Trips

If you have a kid that would rather fish than eat, this is a great way to take them fishing.
Your guide was exactly the same as a kid and never got over it.

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Kids Fishing Trips on the Bitterroot River -Kids Fishing Trips
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Kids Fishing Trips on the Bitterroot River
Teaching kids to fly-fish is an interesting exercise and the key to keeping them interested is to make it fun. Every age is different and every kid is different. Each one requires a little different approach, with some kids the best way to start is for the guide to hook a fish and then hand the rod over and let the youngster fight it. Other kids can spend the day flipping over rocks and putting the aquatic insects in a bucket of water.

It really doesn't matter what approach you take, if it isn't fun they are going to get over it pretty quick. The best bet is to let your child dictate the pace, the primary goal is to have fun with an emphasis on learning a little about fishing in the river.

We stress the importance of catch and release, take a look at the aquatic insects and talk about river etiquette and how it applies to other fisherman, but always our number one goal is a happy kid.

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Bitterroot River Fly-Fishing trips for kids -Kids Fishing Trips
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Bitterroot River Fly-Fishing trips for kids

Kids fishing float trips are run as half or full day fishing float trips (for kids 10 and under we recommend a half day) with fishing stops at some secret fishing holes along the way. These stops are on open gravel bars where the kids can cast without having trees, parents, guides etc. in the way to ruin a perfectly good cast. For the safety of everyone else on the raft we don't allow any kid fishing while we are floating.

Kids fishing is run in conjunction with a Montana Licensed Outfitter and requires a licensed fishing guide. If you are interested in a kids fishing trip be sure we know that in advance as we will work through the outfitter to make sure we have the right guide as well as fishing gear on your trip.

All fishing trips reserved through this website are run in conjunction with:
James Mitchell of Montana Hunting and Fishing Adventures
870 Sleeping Child Road Hamilton, MT 59840
Outfitter #9961

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